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Student of
human  behavior. 

I believe that small groups of creative and dedicated people regularly change the world. I seek to work with and empower others to help make our communities freer and safer in a complex, coercive, and sometimes violent world. I have served in war and traveled the world, studied Economics human behavior, and worked at the pinnacles of power in the U.S. government, in industry, and academia. 

I co-founded two AI companies when I saw an opportunity join behavioral science with computer science to empower those on the front lines of combatting coercion, fraud, and violence in the military, law enforcement, and in financial institutions. 

I love to lecture, write, and engage with interesting people.

Speaker & collaborator

Gary’s love of teaching and deep expertise earned from his adventures in the military, US Senate, Department of Homeland Security, two decades teaching at Georgetown University, and varied corporate experiences, make Gary a captivating keynote speaker. His most popular talks combine Artificial Intelligence with other topics such as national security, financial crime, cyber crime and crypto currency, and the impact of AI on creative workers. For speaking engagements and collaboration opportunities, please reach out.


American Bankers Association


Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council


The Clearing House


Bank Policy Institute

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