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Behavioral Science to  National  Security.

Gary M. Shiffman

Economist, Writer, Founder and CEO of Giant Oak, Co-founder and CEO of Consilient

Gary Shiffman's  latest  publications


What Do Chihuahuas and Muffins Have to Do with AI?

Memes are key to the zeitgeist of our internet age. Their bite-sized, visual nature makes them an ideal tool for communication.

Gary resurfaces one of his favorite memes-as-a-metaphor. 

The  Economics  of Violence

Gary Shiffman's Latest Release

How can we understand illicit violence? Can we prevent it?


Building on economic theory, this book begins with the idea that we all share the same basic human nature, and that individuals making decisions in conditions of scarcity choose behaviors that are much more understandable and predictable than one might otherwise expect.

Prince Turki al Faisal

“Professor Shiffman has provided a valuable insight into what terrorism is, who the terrorists are, why they become terrorists, and what to do to face them."


Senator Joe Lieberman

“Gary Shiffman’s new book, The Economics of Violence, is unique, provocative, and important."

Bruce Hoffman

“Drawing on his formidable intellect and experiences in the military, as a Senate staffer, a homeland security executive, entrepreneur, and security studies scholar, Shiffman makes a powerful case for this unique approach to strengthening U.S. national security.”

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